It is no way illegal to carry and use this product for defense purposes.

It is included in class of non-lethal chemical weapons. Its use is legally accepted in relation with Regulation No. 5188 for implementation of Private Security Services. In Article 24 of Part 4 titled Authorization of Keeping and Bearing Arm of concerning regulation, following statement is included: "Physical measures and security devices are of high priority for ensuring protection and security. The Commission may permit use of chemicals without permanent effect animates in accordance with principle of proportionality."

Definitions and images pertaining to the product you purchased are one-to-one representation. We would like to inform you that all our products have passed operation tests. You will be accurately first to open original package of the product.

Do not use for trial in closed area. Do not expose spray to high temperatures. Avoid spraying pepper gas against wind. Use of this product is solely under responsibility of user.



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